Top tips when creating your profile

Be found in Google search

This is probably the most important of the Top Tips. In the About Me section write a minimum of 300 words. As a general rule of thumb: put your search terms 3 times in a 300 word article. For example: if you play football and have an interest in fitness training of footballers mention ‘football’ 3 times and that will reveal your profile when someone searches on ‘football’ in the keyword search on WorkoutWith and elevate your ranking in a Google search. This site is optimised for Google.

WorkoutWith will elevate you to the top of a Google search for a search on ‘your first name your last name personal trainer’ when you follow the advice above.

Promote yourself

Complete all categories that are relevant to your qualifications. If your are REPS Level 3 or 4 or member of CIMSPA check those categories as well. Show all your credentials, why not, you earned them!

Visual impact

Upload an interesting picture that is eye catching. This appears at the top of your profile and is uploaded when you create your profile.


One more thing. What name do you want to appear at the top of your profile?

When completing your profile put in the ‘Title’ field your name as you want it to appear at the top of your profile. It is recommended you put your first name last name. In the example below ‘Frank Bennett’ was input in the Title field in the profile.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 23.10.07

The ‘Title’ is the first field when creating your profile, see below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 23.19.42

At WorkoutWith we want to help Fitness Professionals promote their fitness services in the most professional way possible. By creating a community of Personal Trainers WorkoutWith wants to make it easier for people to find and contact a qualified trainer.

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