The really successful people in life spot trends and get on-board early.

In our previous blog we pointed to the trend that will have PTs learn a new skill to treat injuries that prevent or restrict people exercising and help their rehabilitation.

What else is trending?

First, some good news, the health and fitness industry continues to grow impressively. A massive 27% of the world’s population use some kind of health and fitness facility and the market is still growing by around 12-17% per year. Of those attending a fitness facility, 36% have a preference for class based exercise.

Within the millennial (born 1981 – 1997) demographic 48% use a fitness facility and there is an even higher percentage in terms of preference for classes.

Within an overall large and growing market, class based exercise is where the puck is heading.

What do we want? Classes

Rather than wandering around the gym sometimes waiting for a piece of equipment to free up it seems that classes are increasingly popular. They are more social, more motivational and curated with a beginning, middle and an end. For busy people – what’s not to like? Someone else sets the class up, runs it and you go home feeling good after exercise and maybe made some new friends.

Is this an unstoppable trend toward an increasingly class-based activity movement in the health and fitness world?

What’s in the news?

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One very good reason to follow this trend

The app is out to take you out!

How many people come into your gym with their mobile phone? That is also a mobile PT. Of course the app is cheap and throwaway so let’s not get too worked up.

Google ‘fitness apps’ there are over 12M results

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 13.17.17

The market is flooded with apps and they are getting more interactive. The challenge is that some of those of interactive apps require a camera to be enabled and that is inconsistent with the ‘no camera’ rules of many gyms. Even so, the app as a training aid is a trend and one that does not favour PTs.

Apps are designed for 1 on 1 use unlike classes where your have 1 to Many relationship. Classes are not threatened by the app so good reason to explore what classes are coming into fashion and get busy delivering those classes.

Don’t give up on PT, think about specialisation with a new skill and build expertise in a repertoire of classes that are trending.

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