The public health agenda is ripe for research and that presents new opportunity for exercise professionals. The majority of your time as a Personal Trainer is spent with a client who is fit but even fit people get injuries and then what – your client stops training while they recover from injury. That impacts your earnings and you need to find new clients to plug the earnings gap.

Learn new skills and profit from injury

This may sound mercenary but then that would have the whole medical profession cast as mercenaries – rather they are highly valued by those they treat. If your PT client has an injury their primary concern is to recover from that injury asap. What if you can help them do that? You can when you learn new skills as an Injury Aware Personal Trainer.

Injury Aware Personal Trainer

Personal trainers and exercise professionals have inadvertently become involved at the front-line of injury management. This is because there is a national shortfall in exercise conditioning and therapy services for musculoskeletal injury prevention, management injury and rehabilitation (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, 2016), individuals are not satisfied with the prescription of painkillers that treat the symptoms and not the cause and they are seeking out their own solutions to their problems.

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OPPORTUNITY ALERT : ‘there is a national shortfall in exercise conditioning and therapy services for musculoskeletal injury prevention, management injury and rehabilitation’.


Train to be a recognised Injury Aware Personal Trainer – Click here for information about courses.

Your CPD in a world of supply and demand

In a calculation of supply and demand and how you choose to invest in your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) then consider: ‘there is a national shortfall in exercise conditioning and therapy services for musculoskeletal injury prevention, management injury and rehabilitation’.

Finding your clients

The UK is a sporting nation and is encouraged to play sport as it is good for health. There is an abundance of sport research to be found online and in this article we look at the beneficial health effects of playing golf. Those lazy people that stroll around a golf course are perhaps not seen as ‘sporty’ types have been subject of research that you can read when you click here

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Do you play sport?

People working out in the gym often have other sporting interests and you won’t know what they are unless you ask the question. That in turn leads to a better understanding of why they are in the gym and then you can ask what they are trying to achieve. With that you can start making suggestions about exercises and that is an opener for a conversation about PT tailored to their need.

Do you play sport yourself?

TIP: Make sure your WorkoutWith profile lists your sporting interests because it will attract clients that play those sports.

If you are a golfer then demonstrate expertise and empathy: ‘I am a golfer myself and I know that lower back pain is a common problem so I have worked on developing exercises to strengthen the lower back and now I play without experiencing any pain’.

Develop exercise programmes that will take your client to the next level of performance and then on to next and then in maintenance. Conduct research to understand what common injuries occur as a result of playing a sport and obtain a qualification to treat those injuries.

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You can read our blogs about the role of exercise professionals in public health when you click here and increasingly people will present themselves as unfit (sometimes under GP Exercise Referral) and requiring you to understand their medical conditions to include many common injuries some of those arising from playing sport.

How many golfers in your gym?

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According to data from the European Tour (2015) the numbers (UK only) are higher than most people would hazard to guess.

In the USA golf clubs are now using fitness to attract and retain members and earning good money doing so.

‘Over the next decade the average country club will look more like a sports center surrounded by a golf course. In addition to golf it will offer fitness and wellness. This means there will be standard exercise options as well as functional training like TRX, TPI, Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT) as well as spa, nutrition, joint rehab, physical therapy and athletic and sport-specific training.’

Full ‘health and wellbeing benefits’ infographic fore (get it?) golf fans.


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