In this blog we examine the role of social media to help you build and retain a PT client base? It’s time to go social and win.

When you list on WorkoutWIth you have an online presence and a destination to send your potential clients to find out information about you and importantly how they can contact you. Your WorkoutWith profile is your sales pitch so take time to perfect it.


Your WorkoutWith profile has links to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts, collectively this is your professional public-facing identity and it is worth investing time to maintain these up to-date. In a previous blog we drew attention to the number of Facebook and Twitter users in the UK and among this very large group of people are your potential PT clients and they far outnumber those same gym goers you see every week.


Now it does not have to take a lot of effort to put yourself in the market to attract PT clients but whatever you do – do it well! As the caption to this blog called out – ENGAGE – ADD VALUE – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – BE AUTHENTIC.

cropped-WorkoutWith-Logo-3b-200x60.pngWorkoutWith – make sure your profile talks to your qualifications and experience and put some ‘human’ in the way you speak to your potential clients. Draw on your experience and think about the conversations you have had with your PT clients and use their language as they spoke about what they hoped to achieve and describe the outcomes. Ask your PT clients for a review as this is powerful at influencing people to contact you.


twitterTwitter – if you have a Twitter account don’t leave it dormant even if you only Tweet occasionally then do it to a pattern, once a week, once a month and keep it alive. Think about the impression it leaves on you when you visit a website and the last blog was two years ago. If you do it – do it well. Twitter is a maximum of 140 characters and you can include video and photos. Remember to use 2 or 3 hashtags when you tweet such #gym #gymtime #fitness #FitBit and there are websites that track hashtag popularity and traffic to help you decide your audiences. You can start building your Twitter following by clicking here and press FOLLOW.



Facebook – create an account specifically for your promotion as a PT and have some fun with it – witty is good. Post a mixture of information and stories, for example; the worst smoothie I ever made, great foods to eat before your gym session, the importance of hydration and crazy things you have seen in the gym.

Everything is available to access from your smartphone and there are tools to schedule tweets and posts on Facebook so you can create a sustainable presence.

Don’t be shy

The thing is, most people don’t follow the advice above so by simply doing this you put yourself ahead of everyone else and that over time translates to more PT clients.

If you are looking for some inspiration then go to the profile of the founder of WorkoutWith.

Oh, one more thing, take advantage of the WorkoutWith Fit Britain campaign and use that to promote your dedication.

All URLs correct and working at time of posting.