WorkoutWith reported on four things this year that point to trends that every fitness professional needs to be mindful of; four trends point to your success:

1.  Build YOUR personal brand – MAKE IT YOUR No. 1 PRIORITY

2. The role of fitness professionals in public health

3. Initiatives to raise the ‘professional standing’ of fitness professionals

4. The ‘wellbeing’ movement

Build YOUR personal brand

exceptional3Many question why you need a personal brand so we provide the answer in our blog posts that tell you why you need a personal brand and how to build that brand. In other occupations it is becoming commonplace to build a personal brand and WorkoutWith provide you the platform to do that and it is free.

If you use LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter or Instagram is that for your private life or to promote your professional life?It is recommended you keep them separate and WorkoutWith is for your professional life.

Want to build your personal brand to achieve more recognition in your professional life? Click here for advice.

 The role of fitness professionals in public health

fp7This is BIG news. We cut to the chase now and urge you to read this report.

Here is an extract from that report to motivate you to read the report and consider what that might mean for your career advancement and choice of CPD.

We must begin to merge the fitness industry with the healthcare industry if we are going to improve world health.…With a wealth of evidence in hand, it is time for organized medicine to join with fitness professionals to ensure that patients around the world take their exercise pill. There is no better way to improve health and longevity.

Initiatives to raise the ‘professional standing’ of fitness professionals

breakthrough4WorkoutWith has been reporting on this throughout the year and submitted an application to UKActiveLabs (November 2016) aligned with promoting the role of fitness professionals in public health. Curious to know more then click here.

The fitness industry is undergoing some big initiatives and changes, expect to hear more about wellbeing, that will present new opportunities for fitness professionals and in particular those that have specialist qualifications so think carefully about your choice of CPD.

The ‘wellbeing’ movement


‘When we say wellbeing, we do NOT mean wellness, it is all things that influence your overall quality of life and vitality. Our physical health is only one part of the equation.’ This is a quote from a the Radical Wellbeing Movement, you can join when you click here.

At WorkoutWith we created our mantra word MIEXHENUBO for all the elements that contribute to a person’s overall quality of life.

MI –  ‘MIND’. What’s keeping you busy this day and when can you find some time to exercise.

EX – ‘EXERCISE’. Our bodies need exercise.

HE – ‘HEALTH’. Good health beats poor health every time.

NU – ‘NUTRITION’. Consider what you eat and drink and how much you need.

BO – ‘BODY’. It is what you see in the mirror and consequence of your choices.

Health is the new wealth yet many people find it hard to define the recipe of good health so we created MIEXHENUBO as an aide-memoire.

Life in the fast lane

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 06.57.34

When you think of your PT clients and all other gym-goers that you greet keep in mind the advice of the Dalai Lama and that everyone is striving to achieve something.

Many people are time poor from their work and commute and responsibility of family life and you can help calm the anxious mind and develop affinity.

Everyday examples of this are, great service delivered with natural warmth and charm, a manager that is reassuring and supportive, a parent or partner providing comfort, a fitness professional providing expert advice and encouragement.

Many people make a vow at this time of year to get fit when in truth what they doing is making a change to priorities in their life. That needs nurturing and why we chose this quote by the Dalai Lama.

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