In a previous blog WorkoutWith brought attention to a report about ‘The Role of Fitness Professionals in Public Health’. The publication of this report coincided with our application to UKActive’s ActiveLab to secure funding and support for our idea. We wanted to make a breakthrough in describing how medical and fitness professionals collaborate in public health.

We were not successful and perhaps our proposed ‘model’ for describing how fitness professionals play a role in public health is at an early stage of acceptance given the recency of the report published in October 2016. WorkoutWith is not deterred and continues our work to promote fitness professionals – in this case delivering exercise solutions in public healthcare.

What motivates us?


To mobilise and bring together key human resources to deliver a unified approach to effective exercise solutions in public healthcare.


To: provide a technical solution to enable seamless cooperation between partners and the provision of enhanced training opportunities to encompass neglected patient populations.

To: achieve a standardised national delivery of exercise solutions by highly qualified fitness professionals, delivered in community settings. Delivery of this strategy aligns with the NHS Five Year Forward View (2014-19) for prevention and better management of costly health conditions.


To: provide the interface between REPS and CIMSPA, the representative bodies of registered fitness professionals, to achieve a single searchable listing of qualified individuals.

To: ‘professionalise the army’ through access to training and development that leads to higher professional recognition of those working in the fitness industry and on par with the recognition afforded to medical professionals who they will increasingly cooperate with to meet the health needs of the population. This will help attract new talent and address retention of experienced fitness professionals.

To: introduce new, evidence-based training opportunities for fitness professionals that equip them to deal with the growth in musculoskeletal health conditions such as osteoporosis, pre- and post-orthopaedic surgery and for sports injuries.

To: make it effortless to refer patients (demand side) under exercise referral for a range of medical conditions to providers and for patients to be allocated to an appropriately qualified fitness professionals (supply side).

The ‘model’

There is growing evidence that Fitness Professionals will play a role in public health and below is the story board we developed to describe that.

It was developed in consultation with Refer-All who provide an online system for GP’s to refer patients for exercise to a provider and Get Back to Sport a provider of specialist training for fitness professionals.

The model is for open collaboration at scale and delivered in the community where people live and work and have access to leisure facilities. It is ‘open’ to partner with others that share the objective: To mobilise and bring together key human resources to deliver a unified approach to effective exercise solutions in healthcare. 

A visual storyboard

Mobilising key human resources for the effective delivery of exercise solutions in healthcare.


For many it’s sounding like a broken record; Doctor I know I should exercise more but…

It is folly to ignore as the consequences are serious.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 06.58.05

Get off your backside. More and more evidence and policy is pointing to the need to prescribe exercise.


The will and desire exists, making it happen is what matters.


 Perhaps it’s time to learn from efficient industries and think in terms of ‘supply chain’, in this case ‘human supply chain’.


The human supply chain has the components but they are not connected and collaborating as efficiently as they could. That can be solved.


The model is for open collaboration at scale and delivered in the community.


 Supply chains ‘connect and collaborate’ counterparties (in our model – people) and is efficient.


There is measurement against KPIs – the ‘more people more active dashboard’.


Supply chains rely on a trusted network with common purpose and values.


And looking to the future – a Personal Health Coach working in community wellness hubs and in collaboration with the medical profession.


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