The health of the nation is so important it is a daily feature on television, in newspapers and numerous other publications. Fit Britain is about everyone recognising the benefits of an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise to contribute to your health and wellbeing. It is a personal choice and if you are reading this then you are likely thinking about your own health and who can help you.

Your GP is there if you need a medical consultation and will prescribe exercise for a range of physical and mental health episodes. When it comes to exercise GPs refer to a group of people holding a GP Exercise Referral qualification many who work in gyms and leisure centres around the country. You can locate those holding this qualification using the ‘Any¬†Category‘ search option on the home page.

This web site can help you quickly locate and connect with members of Register of Exercise Professionals and/or Chartered Institute of Management for Sports and Physical Activity. Click here to know more about the role of REPs and CIMSPA. Contact can be made with those listed on WorkoutWith by email and/or by phone.

WorkoutWith does what it says on the tin.

“I was looking for a personal trainer and found it hard and I nearly gave up. Next time I will simply search on WorkoutWith. Life made easy, the way it should be. Peter”

WorkoutWith is on a campaign to get Britain Fit.

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