Have you experienced the New Year resolution January gym mayhem before? Every year the countdown begins for Fitness Professionals and gym chains – Countdown to gym mayhem.

WorkoutWith promotes that fitness professionals play an important role in public health and you can read more when you click here.

This role comes with responsibility and there are two reports that we want to bring to your attention.

Baby Boomers

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This is the generation aged 50 – 70 who represent approx 30% of the Uk’s population.

The Chief Medical Officer for England in her annual report on the state of the public’s health, ‘Baby Boomers: Fit for the Future’ makes observations on the lifestyle of these baby boomers.

Nearly half of baby boomer men and over a third of baby boomer women were overweight.

These figures increased to a startling 80% and 92% in women if central obesity using raised waist circumference (defined as 102cm in men and 88cm in women), a risk factor for diabetes, was used instead of BMI (with 77% of men and 83% of women being classified as obese by 65–69 years of age using this criterion).

Total cost burden to the NHS for selected health risk factors:

Physical inactivity: £0.9-1.0 billion

Overweight and obesity: £5.1-5.2 billion

Smoking: £2.3-3.3 billion

Alcohol intake: £3.5 billion

Statistics Source Age UK

What might this mean for fitness professionals?

Take a moment to think about the opportunities that arise.

Click here for our Shape Up for 2017 update.

Attitudes to fat people

This is a tough conversation topic that can easily get anyone into hot water. What are the attitudes? You can access the report when you click here.

Key findings

People tend to overestimate what obesity means in terms of body size 

  • 54% correctly identify when a woman is obese
  • 39% correctly do this for a man

There is widespread understanding of some, but not all, of the health risks

  • over 80% understand that people who are obese are more likely to have heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes
  • 34% understand the increased risk of liver disease

People who are obese are often the object of stigmatising attitudes

  • 53% agree that “most overweight people could lose weight if they tried”
  • 75% believe that a person who is not very overweight would be more likely than one who is very overweight to be offered an office manager’s job

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